Ken's Sunday Morning Class

You can listen online to class sessions and download a pdf of the fill-in class notes.


Prespectives of Cross-Cultural Misisons

Session 1 (audio)         Class Notes   The Old Testament and Missions

Session 2 (audio)         Class Notes  The Nature of God & Cross Cultural Misisons

Session 3 (audio)         Class Notes  Teaching of Jesus on Culture and Missions

Session 4 (audio)         Class Notes The Missionary Strategy of St. Paul

Session 5 (audio)         Class Notes  Missions Misunderstood

Session 6 (audio)         Class Notes  The Missionary Task-part 1

Session 7 (audio)         Class Notes  The Missionary Task-part 2


The Holy Spirit

Session 1 (audio)         Class Notes   The Trinity

Session 2 (audio)         Class Notes   Pentecost

Session 3  (audio)        Class Notes  The Holy Spirit in the New Testament

Session 3-2 (audio)      Class Notes  The Holy Spirit in the New Testament

Session 4  (audio)        Class Notes   The Holy Spirit is a Person

Session 5  (audio)        Class Notes   The Holy Spirit as Teacher

Session 6  (audio)        Class Notes   The Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Session 7-1 (audio)      Class Notes  Illumination

Session 7-2 (audio)      Class Notes  Illumination

Session 8-1 (audio)      Class Notes The Holy Spirit & the "Unsaved"

Session 8-2 (audio)      Class Notes The Holy Spirit & the "Unsaved"

Session 9 (audio)          Class Notes The Sealing Ministry of the Holy Spirit

Session 10 (audio)        Class Notes The Holy Spirit's Work in a Christian's Sanctification

Session 11 (audio)         Class Notes Gifts of the Spirit

Session 12 (audio)         Class Notes Fruit of the Spirit


The Sermon on the Mount

Session 2 (audio)         Class Notes   The Beatitudes

Session 3 (audio)         Class Notes   Jesus and the Law Part 1

Session 4 (audio)         Class Notes   Jesus and the Law Part 2

Session 5a (audio)       Class Notes   More on the Old and the New

Session 5b (audio)       Class Notes   More on the Old and the New

Session 5c (audio)       Class Notes   More on the Old and the New

Session 6 (audio)         Class Notes   The Issues of  Money & the Christian

Session 7 (audio)          Class Notes  To Fast or Not to Fast

Session 8 (audio)         Class Notes What, Me Worry?


Dave H. - Overview of Revelation



What Exactly is God's Will?

Session 1 (audio)         Class Notes   Introduction

Session 2a (audio)       Class Notes   Is there a Dot?

Session 2b (audio)       Class Notes   Is there a Dot?

Session 2c (audio)       Class Notes   Is there a Dot?

Session 3a (audio)       Class Notes   Moral Will of God

Session 3b (audio)       Class Notes   Moral Will of God

Session 4a (audio)       Class Notes   Wisdom of God

Session 4b (audio)       Class Notes   Wisdom of God

Session 5 (audio)         Class Notes   Sovereign Will of God


Thinking Biblically About Our World

Session 1 (audio)         Class Notes   Learning How to Think

Session 2 (audio)         Class Notes   

Session 3-a (audio)        Class Notes Biblical Instructions

Session 3-b (audio)       Class Notes Biblical Instructions

Session 4 (audio)          Class Notes Discrimination is Ugly

Session 5 (audio)           Class Notes The Nature of Our World

Session 6 (audio)


Questions Jesus Asked

Session 1 (audio)         Class Notes   Jesus at the Temple

Session 2-1 (audio)     Class Notes    A Pharisee Named Nicodemus-Part 1

Session 2-2 (audio)    Class Notes   A Pharisee Named Nicodemus-Part 2

Session 3 (audio)        Class Notes    A Samaritan Woman

Session 4 (audio)        Class Notes    A Sabbath Question

Session 5 (audio)        Class Notes    Who Do Men Say that I Am?

Session 6 (audio)       Class Notes    Where Are the Other Nine?

Session 7 (audio)       Class Notes   Would You Like to Get Well?

Session 8 (audio)       Class Notes   How Do You Benefit if You Lose Your Soul?

Session 9 (audio)       Class Notes   What is That to You?

Session 10 (audio)     Class Notes   Do You Believe, Martha?

Session 11 (audio)      Class Notes   Has No One Condemned You?

Session 12-1 (audio)   Class Notes How Will you Believe What I Say?

Session 12-2 (audio)   Class Notes  How Will you Believe What I Say?

Session 14 (audio)      Class Notes  Will You Give Me a Drink?

Session 15 (audio)     Class Notes  Friends, haven’t you any fish?

Session 16 (audio)     Class Notes  Doesn't Life Consist of More Than Food and Clothing?


Book of Joshua

Joshua 2, Part 2 (audio)     Class notes    Spies Among Us Part

Joshua 3 (audio)

Joshua 5 (audio)

Joshua 6 (audio)

Joshua 7 (audio)

Joshua 8 (audio)

Joshua 9 (audio)

Joshua 10 (audio)

Joshua 11 (audio)

Joshua 23 (audio)

Joshua 24 (audio)


Freedom Language

January 6 - Freedom Language Part 1 (audio)        Class notes    In the Beginning

January 13 - Freedom Language Part 2 (audio)     Class notes    Life or Death Issue

January 20 - Freedom Language Part 3 (audio)     Class notes    Abraham's Bad Choice

February 3 - Freedom Language Part 4 (audio)      Class notes     Joshua 

Feburary 10 - Freedom Language Part 5 (audio)     Class notes    Good Choice, Bad Results

February 17- Freedom Language Part 6(audtio)     Class notes    Follow Me (part 1)

February 24 - Freeom Language Part 7 (audio)      Class notes     Follow Me (part 2)

March 10 - Freedom Language Part 8 (audio)         Class notes    The Rich Young Ruler

March 24 - Freedom Language Part 9 (audio)         Class notes    A Healing Choice

April 7 - Freedom Language Part 10 (audio)            Class notes    A Greedy Choice

May 12 - Freedom Language Part 11 (audio)           Class notes    A Dishones Choice

May 19 - Freedom Language Part 12 (audio)         Class notes    A Series of Choices

May 26 - Freedom Language Part 13 (audio)        Class notes    A Radical New Choice

June 2 -   Freedom Language Part 14 (audio)       Class notes    A Life Choice


Biblical Call to Justice

December 2 - Biblical Justice Part 1 (audio)    Class notes    Eyes Wide Shut

December 9 - Biblical Justice Part 2 (audio)    Class notes    Freed People Free People

December 16 - Biblical Justice Part 3 (audio)  Class notes    Compassionate Response


The Essentials of the Faith

September 9  - The Essentials - Part 1 (audio)            Class notes    Introduction

September 16 - The Essentials - Part 2 (audio)           Class notes    Introduction

September 23 - The Essentials - Part 3 (audio)           Class notes    Introduction

September 30 - The Essentials - Part 4 (audio)           Class notes    The Issue of Revelation

October 7 - The Essentials - Part 5 (audio)                   Class notes    The Issue of Revelation

October 14 - The Essentials - Part 6 (audio)                 Class notes    How Bad is Humanity?

October 21 - The Essentials - Part 7 (audio)                 Class notes    How Bad is Humanity?

October 28 - The Essentials - Part 8 (audio)                 Class notes    One Way to Salvation

November 4 - The Essentials - Part 9 (audio)               Class notes    The Second Coming

November 11 - The Essentials - Part 10 (audio)          Class notes    The Second Coming

November 18 - The Essentials - Part 11 (audio)          Class notes    Heaven & Hell are Real

November 25 - The Essentials - Part 12 (audio)          Class notes    Heaven & Hell are Real