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We are delighted that you are interested in learning about our homeschool academy.


The mission of Peninsula Community Church Academy is to support families as they homeschool for the glory of God. We meet once a week to worship, study, fellowship, and serve together. We offer core and enrichment classes, recordkeeping, service projects, worship team, academic counseling, a high school diploma, high school sports with Pacific Lutheran, yearbook, family nights, and close community.


We offer two options for homeschooling families:

  1. Co-op and Recordkeeping
  2. Co-op Only

PCCA Co-op

The Co-op classes start at 9:00am on Mondays during the traditional school year of September through May and offers two or three classes per level each school year.


The elementary program includes enrichment classes in varied subjects such as science, history, literature, fine arts, and physical education.


The junior high and high school programs each include two core classes such as a lab science class and a literature and composition class. They are currently taught by hired teachers.


Subjects taught vary from year to year, depending on need, interest, and teacher availability.



Each member family must profess faith in Jesus Christ, regularly attend a local evangelical Christian church, and be willing to sign Peninsula Community Church’s statement of faith. Each child must be at least six years old before December 2 of the enrollment year and receive school instruction at a first grade level or above. Children not eligible for enrollment in the Co-op will require alternate childcare when the parent is teaching. (Kindergartners are allowed to attend when the parent is teaching.)


Co-op families cannot be affiliated with both a charter school and PCCA.


Note: At this time we are not accepting kindergartners. However, as our pool of teachers/parents grows, this policy may change.



$10/class/student Registration

$25 Recorder Keeping

Class Fees based on classes taken


Parent Time Commitment

PCCA is a Co-op. We share the workload. One parent in each family is required to teach one elementary or junior high level class for one semester each school year. The curriculum and a lot of support are provided. In addition, parents are asked to take a turn helping with a service project or Family Celebration.


Family Celebration

Our twice-a-year Family Celebrations provide opportunities for the children to share with their families what they have learned through presentations such as speeches, reports, skits, music, and art. It’s also a time for families to connect with one another, especially dads. We view Family Celebrations as a vital part of our Co-op program; consequently, family attendance is mandatory.


Application Process

  1. Get an application here. Return the completed form to:
    Peninsula Community Church Academy
    5640 Crestridge Road
    Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275
    Attn: Director
  2. You will be contacted to schedule a pre-admission interview with PCCA board members.
  3. Upon acceptance, complete the enrollment packet provided and return it at Co-op orientation.

If you are interested in more information please contact Pastor Bruce at 310-377-4661.