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Making An Impact! Posted 11.17.2014

One of the new components to our Sunday school ministry is a "Jesus is better because..." wall.  This is where, after reflecting on the lesson kids identify how Jesus is better.  By the end of the Sunday school year in June the wall will be filled with ways Jesus is better!  As the list grows from week to week the evidence that Jesus is better will be over-whelming!  My hope is that by the end of the year children's amazement with Christ will lead to true heart worship of the one true God of the universe!  This is something families can do at home as well.  Think about having a special time each week where you experience a Bible story and use it to discover how great a God we serve.


This week one teacher reported...

"Today before I could ask why Jesus is better, a girl said listening to the teaching, Jesus is awesome:)
Those are nuggets I'm treasuring, knowing God is here caring for His children......his treasure:)


Consider being a part of children's ministry by teaching or helping in our Sunday school ministry.  Contact Debi K or Pastor Bruce today.

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