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Ministry Update Posted 1.25.2013

Breakout  We had a super crazy evening Wednesday night as it was crazy hair night!  Your kids were so cute and we had a blast parading our crazy hair in front of everyone!  It was a great night!


Our next special night will be our always fabulous talent show on Feb 20.  Get your cameras ready!


Sunday school

Parents be sure to pick up the parent sheet from your child's class.  It will help you reinforce the lesson over the following week.  


Our nursery "remodel" is about complete.  We are just waiting on the sheet rock before we get a whole new paint job and mural!  Very exciting!


Pastor Bruce's Family Minute

Perhaps you've been getting these videos via email over the past several weeks and wondering "What is Pastor Bruce's agenda with these 2 minute videos?"  Well I hope you take a couple of minutes of your time to watch this week's video.  You can also visit the PCC child ministry channel for past PBFM videos.


Project 1012

Sunday, March 3.  5-7p.  Mark your calendars and stay tuned!



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