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Project 1012: FAMILY BBQ. March 3, 5-7p Posted 2.14.2013


Project 1012: FAMILY BBQ.  March 3, 5-7p

Is Project 1012 really for me?  Yes, If you have youth or children in ministry at PCC then Project 1012 is for you and your whole family!  Pastor Dan and I will introduce Project 1012 on Sunday, March 3rd  where the youth and children’s ministry of PCC is hosting a family BBQ.  There will be great food, family fun, and encouragement for everyone.   We will jam a whole lot of fun in a very short time.  It doesn’t matter if your kids are nursery age or seniors in HS come out and declare with us: “I will walk within my house in the integrity of my heart.”  Ps 101:2  

~Pastor Bruce

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