Advent Conspiracy Projects

During Christmas 2009, as a part of the Advent Conspiracy, we decided to buy one less gift, give time as a gift, and then use the money we saved to build a water well in Uganda for those who have no access to clean drinking water. We were able to collect enough for two wells.  Check out the project at


Want to discover the amazing results of the Advent Conspiracy 2009?  In July 2010 we received two reports from Living Water, International, which explain the water projects we funded.  One (Pagik) was in northern Uganda (outside Gulu).  The other (Kimironko) is in far southwestern Uganda, an area which is very remote.  In August 2010, Pastor Jim will visit the Pagik project and bring back a report and Rob and Kristen Sherwin will travel to Kimironko and bring back a report.


God is doing wonderful things through our generosity and sacrifice.  Check out the details.  Just added is the summary information about the brand new well for the Rewempiri Primary School.  Follow the link below to discover the wonderful work done in Rewempiri.


Cover Letter from Living Water, International

Kimironko Primary School Project

Kirimonko Primary School Pictures

Pagik Primary School

Rewempiri Primary School - new well


Christmas 2010 cause water to flow in 2011.


Remember the drive to build some water wells during the Advent Conspiracy of 20101?  Here are the results of what God did through our gifts in December 2010.  It is amazing!


Water Project Facts



We sent a team to Honduras in January 2012, with funds we had collected in December 2010.  Those gifts were used to build a well in rural Honduras.  Here is the final report from that project.  Thanks, faithful team, for bringing water the hope of Jesus to Honduras!


Honduras 2012 Water Project Report