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2014 Bombo Clinic Dates Set Posted 12.05.2013

The dates have arrived from Uganda for the 2014 medical clinic in Bombo.  The clinic will open on Sunday, August 24 and close on Friday, August 29, 2014.  It is a bit later than normal, but that is the week that works best for the church in Uganda.  Be praying about joining us on Team Bombo 2014.  The progress at the surgi-center is amazing.  They are upgrading it this month to provide governmental approval as a clinic -- and to accomodate a year-round ministry to the community.  The church has hired a nurse to be on staff and it is moving forward by leaps and bounds.  So -- join us for a week of ministry in late August.  It is not too early to plan on attending.  The details are located here, but will be updates in January 2014.

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Innocent Mbine wrote...
8/26/14 3:10am
Medical Mission is a blessing for us in Uganda but more so the People who take time and great sacrifices to come all the way and just cover the costs of medication. You really have big hearts for Uganda and you have made it a better place May the Lord that we serve reward you Faithfully


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