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A job well done Posted 1.19.2012

The construction of the well has officially been completed!  We put the finishing touches on this morning including adding the pump itself to the well opening.  At 10:30 AM we had a well dedication ceremony where the members of the community were invited out for a special time together.   While I'm sure I'll not be able to capture all the elements, it was a very special moment.  The ladies of the community were dressed in their "Sunday best" for the event, signfying it's importance to the community.  New pictures are here.


The "presidente" of the community shared his thanks for LWI and our team for the blessing of the well as a source of clean water for their community.  A couple of ladies also got up and shared their thanks to God for the provision of the well all the parties involved in making it a reality.  It was very humbling to be part of something so meaningful for their community.  Our team members also took advantage of a chance to express their thanks to the community for opening up to us and being such gracious hosts while we worked there every day over the past few days.


Abraham, our drilling leader, took time to explain the importance of the well and taking care of it.  He explained the proper and improper usages of the well.  Afterward I shared a brief passage of God's Word and then we had the privilege of personally handing out Spanish Bibles, one per household, to the women of the community.  Lastly, and perhaps most moving, was the time of prayer dedicating the well.  We, along with members of the community, all gathered around the well and prayed for it.  But in their culture, everyone prays out loud at the same time for dedications so it was quite the different yet special time of prayer.


We are wrapping up our trip now with a final day of being "tourists" in Hondruas tomorrow and then returning to the US on Saturday night.  A final prayer request - many of us have experienced intestinal issues on the trip so far - so pray for complete health from here on out.  It was tough to stay focused when our team members were hurting a bit but I think overall no one lost site of what we came to Honduras for.  See you all in a few days!


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