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A Personal Invitation from Pastor Jim Posted 8.04.2015

I would like to invite you to come with me and Christie for an unforgettable journey, a pilgrimage to the Israel in spring 2016.

Traveling in Israel will bring new meaning to the Old and New Testaments as you read the text with new eyes.  We will visit places where Jesus lived, walked, served and became a sacrifice.  Daily we will open the text of the Bible to draw out its meaning for our lives as we visit the sites where the events happened.

We will be traveling with IGM TOURS, pioneers of a travel experience that will take us beyond crowed church shrines and souvenir shops. Our tour has been refined by an experienced a cadre of scholars and leaders that will allow us to go deep i
nto the Biblical text, history and geography of the Holy Land.

There are daily panoramic views, gentle walks and a hands-on approach to authentic Bible sites that get to the heart of the message.  Combining the tour with some wonderful resources from IGM will allow us to read and understand the nar
rative of the Bible with a fresh perspective.  

On our Tour we will stand atop Mt. Arbel to view the expanse Jesus’ ministry in the Galilee area.  We will visit major Bible crossroads, circle the entire sea and sail the Galilee in a double scale replica of a Roman fishing boat.  

In Jerusalem we will walk beneath the ancient city for the length of the Western Wall tunnel, sit on the Temple steps where we know Jesus walked and taught parables.  We also plan to have worship in the Garden Tomb.
We will also spend three wonderful days in Jordan at the end of the trip, flying home from Amman.  We will spend one full day in Petra, climb to the top of Mt. Nebo and biblical Arnon, and stay in hotels that are truly luxurious.

As you consider our plan for this Holy Land adventure with IGM please take a few mo
ments to read over the tour conditions.  Notice that the group cost of the trip includes airfare, hotels, meals, transfers, entrance fees, scholarly guides, and is fully escorted.

Take your time and explore the website -- and consider seriously joining us on this trip of a lifetime!

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