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A well timed work day Posted 1.18.2012

We're one day away from a complete well here in the community of Santa Ana in Saba, Honduras.  It was a bit of a slower day work site wise, which was great in the flow of our week because we had a few team members with some, um, stomach disturbances.  So we had the gatorade flowing and some extra rest time for those that needed to get hydated.  Everyone is feeling pretty good tonight.


At the well site, we took out the pump that was flushing the well out overnight.  We also filled the outside of the well casing with concrete and then filled in the mud pits back in.  The locals worked at mixing the cement on the ground - think when you were a kid and made the mashed potato volcano - they make the cement just the same way!  Pretty inventive.


We had plenty of extra time to play with the kids and I taught them the Englsih words for several colors.  Tomorrow we finish the well and have the dedication ceremony so we are looking forward to that.  We move to a different hotel tomorrow so I don't know if I'll have internet access to make an update, but hopefully I will.


So pray for everyone to feel great tomorrow so we can fully engage and enjoy the well dedication tomorrow.  It's been a great time and we've enjoyed the opportunity to work on this project and be here in Honduras - thanks for all those who supported us to be here! 

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