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All's well that ends well Posted 1.17.2012

Today was good but a tough, long day.  We returned and jumped back into the well drilling.  We added the reamer (a bigger drill bit) and went back down to 75 feet again.  We were supposed to quickly pull up each five foot length of pipe and remove them (see the pics for a picture of our guys "breaking" the pipe, which is loosening it), and then quickly add the 7" PVC piping as the main casing for the well.  The only problem is that we hit a few larger rocks and were stuck at 30 feet or so for about ten minutes before the bit was loosened and we could bring the drill bit back up.  Therefore, we had to put a much larger bit (which we referred to as the "rock crusher" bit) and then drill back down all 75 feet again to make sure there were no large rocks that would get in the way of the casing for the well.


But everything turned out fine.  At the end of the day, we got the casing glued and assembled it and everything held up so it made it down to the 75 foot level.  There are a few other steps, but long story short the well is being flushed overnight but I forget what that is accomplishes.  But tomorrow we wrap up the finishing steps and then the men of the village will pour the concrete platform around the well.


The hygiene training continued and the children were very attentive.  They were sitting and answered the questions about what they learned.  Throughout the rest of the day they continued to hang out with us (especially the girls) and asked for what the English word is for an unending stream of terms.  


P.S. I forgot yesterday to share that a local TV station showed up in the village and filmed our well drilling and interviewed some of the LWI workers.  It was on the local news that night.  Quite the interesting experience but great that the good news of what LWI and teams like us are doing is getting out there. 

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