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Bringing Hope to Children in Need Posted 1.26.2016

We received this letter from the County of Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services early this month.


Dear Reverend Welch,


In behalf of the Department of Children and Family Services I wanted to thank you and your congregation for you ongoing support of foster and disadvantaged children served by the Department of Children and Family Services, Torrance Office. We are very appreciative of all your congregation has done to support the neediest in our community. It is seldom that we find churches who take Christ’s instruction to care for its orphans and widows so seriously. The Department has always been able to count on Peninsula Community Church to fill a need for our children.


Throughout this year we have been blessed by your congregation in the following ways.

What does this all mean?


To us, who our Lord has blessed so richly, it may mean very little; however for one who has nothing and is broken, it means the whole world. I wish you could see the children’s faces when they receive these gifts or when a home is open to them in their time of need. Their faces radiate with joy and they feel a sense of well being because you have given them hope for another day.


We are so appreciative for your continued support and common love for His children. A special mention and gratitude to Marlene Iseli and her team. They have a heart of gold and strive to make a remarkable difference in our children and their family’s lives.


Wishing you and your whole congregation a blessed New Year and may our Lord continually bless your congregation and its ministries.


Love and Blessings,
Rosa Tang
Assistant Regional Administrator

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