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Easter Breakfast Jerusalem Marketplace April 12 9-11am Posted 4.10.2014

Can you imagine what it might have been like 2000 years ago in first century Jerusalem?  If not, then bring your entire family to Easter Breakfast Jerusalem Marketplace and experience it for yourself!  This is a free and family friendly event, Saturday, April 12 from 9-11am.  We will be serving a delicious hot breakfast your whole clan will enjoy.  Then you can meander through the marketplace while sipping a cup of specialty coffee made just for you at the coffee well.  There will be costumed storekeepers and artisans hard at work, and who knows, they may even recruit your children to help out.  Yes there will be fun activities at each storefront for your children.  The “professional” artisans working their craft are always willing to share their trade secrets!  And did I mention Easter eggs for all the children?  It is a really fun event so make plans on coming and bring your friends and neighbors as well.  We’d love to see a great crowd but that won’t happen unless you do your part and bring a family or two.  Looking forward to seeing you there!

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