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Engage - Junior High and High School Student Ministry Posted 8.20.2014

Student ministries at PCC has recently been given a bit of a face lift; we have not only renamed the ministry “Engage,” but have been blessed with a few new leaders, a lot of vision, and some incredible times where we have seen amazing growth in our students.


But really, what is “Engage”?  Simply put, it is the name we have given for the entire ministry; both Junior High and High School fall underneath this umbrella.  Much like the ministries of old, we meet on Wednesday nights together at 6:30pm, either play games or “engage” each other in fellowship, have a time of great worship, and then break off into either Junior High or High School sermons.  Specifically, a teacher will take the junior high students into the Choir room, along with the Junior High leaders, and spend some time “engaging” Christ in His word and encouraging the students to do the same.  Afterwards, each student is led in an either guys group or girls group through a series of questions by a wonderful leader before it’s time to be picked up. The High School time is much the same, though they continue to meet in the Pit downstairs and also break off into guys and girls groups to discuss questions.


It’s an incredible time specifically for students where we are hopeful in creating an atmosphere where the Holy Spirit will be pleased to work.


Finally, be on the lookout for some amazing things that are coming up this fall as we take a long hard look at what’s happening in the world around us, and how we might “engage” the world with the love and truth of Christ.

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