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Engaging with Tesoro Club in Mecca, CA Posted 1.20.2016

On Friday, January 15, 13 of our senior high students and staff traveled the relatively short distance to Mecca, CA, deep in the Coachella Valley to minister to the children of migrant farmers.  We partnered with a ministry called “Tesoro Club” which means “treasure,” for that is how the kids are treated.


From the beginning our group from PCC broke up and ministered to kids from 6-0years old all the way to 13-years old, showing them the love of Christ through smiles, games, music, crazy dance, and even crazier jump houses.  A man accustomed to such things, Mr. J., brought his band and created a pirate theme around the gospel, giving a strong theatrical performance coupled with wonderful music and candy for the kids.  This man sure knows how to reach out to children!  At the end of the time there, on Saturday afternoon, Mr. J. shared the gospel with over 300 kids and adults, and PCC was able to witness first hand the impact now available to Tesoro Club as they will meet this Saturday morning for discipleship. 


That is what is so powerful about Tesoro Club; they care about discipleship of these kids in the ways of Christ more than anything.  And now, after a full day of games, songs, and laughter on Saturday, Tesoro Club will have their hands full of kids eager and excited to grow and learn about Jesus Christ.  And as the students from PCC arrived at the church late Saturday night, on the 16th, we felt our hearts full, our bodies exhausted, and our faith encouraged as we were able to be a part of such a wonderful ministry.  Praise God!

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