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Gearing Up in Bombo Posted 7.03.2012
This just in from Bombo, Uganda:   Medical Mission fever is running high, and that is a VERY good thing.  We (Bombo Pentecostal Church) have had a couple of preparation meetings with the congregation, and people's giving is encouraging.  Some kilos of sugar, some cooking oil, some rice, some dishes offered, some cash pledges made,  some packets of salt, some washing soap, ..........I LOVE IT.  We've also sent out to some major corporates a report and request for support.  Not much coming from there, but one or two are looking promising - including our Government's ministry of Health.  We're looking at this year's theme coming from Exodus 15:26 (which is a long verse) but we chose the last part that says, "I am the Lord God who heals you."  The motivating phrase for all participants is "For Your Glory."
The clinic opens its doors in five weeks - - pray for life change and wisdom to minister the grace and love of Jesus!

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