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God is at work here! Posted 10.23.2011

Just wanted to remind us all that we never know the impact of our work for the Kingdom, but sometimes we do get to share in the reality that we are making an eternal imapct here at Peninsula.  This past Tuesday we closed our high school program, Praxis, with a special time of prayer.  During that time we encouraged our students to respond to three different prayers, and encouraged students to stand if that was something they wanted to declare.  One of those prayers was to trust in Christ as savior for yourself for the first time.   We emphasized that we didn't want people to stand out of emotional manipulation but because they wanted to truly make that decision for themselves.  While it is exciting to have many students stand to want to renew their relationship with God, it is even more exciting to have one student stand to say, "Yes, I want to trust Christ and what he has accomplished for me on the cross by paying the price for my sins."  So we celebrate what God is doing in the lives of students here, because the spiritual needs of our community are deep and wide.  Let us not be distracted by anything that deters our focus on presenting the Good News clearly and compellingly to our Jerusalem, Judea and the ends of the earth.


Pastor Jeff

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