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Good News from Bombo! Posted 7.15.2016

CONTAINER UPDATE: This just came in from Pastor Alex. Rejoice!


The container was received in Bombo with so much joy and excitement, amidst singing and dancing. When the truck rolled on to the compound where it parked, there was spontaneous celebration that broke out. We have all been left speechless. Thank you Peninsula Community Church and God bless you.


Everything went so well from this end, God gave us so much favor with the tax body and customs officials. The customs guy was so impressed by the way everything in the container was so organized and well packed. He did what would normally take him two days in less than thirty minutes.


The work force on the ground did an amazing job at offloading. The process went smoothly and there was no accident and no damage. Today we did some further organizing and we have thinned the container down to only what must remain and what we are not sure of. A list of the things left in the container and some stored in the Medical center will be complied and sent back to you. I am convinced we have taken cared to ensure that what needed to remain was not taken out. Millie will be working with a team of people to ensure that the rest of the things will get to their respective destinations.


Isn't that all good news! God is good. All the time.

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