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Join Team Bombo 2012! Posted 6.01.2012
Beginning Sunday, June 3 (and continuing June 24) you have the opportunity to join Team Bombo. Not by getting on the plane with the mission team – but joining in some significant ways with the team that is going to travel. Each Sunday we’ll have a couple of tables on the patio at which you can sign up to do one of three things:
1.  Pray for a specific team member/family. There are 21 going to Uganda in August, and we are asking you commit to praying for a team member once a week until then – and then every day for the first 23 days of August.
2.  Sign up to donate a specific supply item that we will pack and take to Bombo. There will be cards on the patio Sunday for your shopping pleasure. Shop without guilt! There are at least 15-20 different things we need – and you can buy something and bring it to church by July 1.
3.  Give. We need to raise about $15,000 for the expenses related directly to the clinic. If you can give over-and-above your regular giving, we are encouraging that in June.

And, if you join Team Bombo (it really is a whole-church effort) we have a surprise for you at the tables. Join Team Bombo 2012.  You can meet at least one person each week who has been to Bombo at the tables on the patio.  Ask them lots of questions and sense their passion for what God is going in Uganda through Peninsula Community Church.  Join the latest trend in fashion by joining Team Bombo!!

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