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Join Us at the Messiah Sing-Along! Posted 12.04.2014
Ready to sing a little Handel?  Join us for a taste of the classical on Friday, December 12 @ 7:30pm. We will have scores (the music - words and notes) available at the door. If you've never done anything like it - you'll be inspired....and you will worship! You'll discover the rich heritage of our faith and its expression through George Handel.
Messiah presents an interpretation of the Christian view of the Messiah. Divided into three parts, the prophecies concerning the coming of Christ, the Passion of Christ, and then the resurrection of Christ, and His final victory over death and sin. We will all sing selections from each part.
The work was conceived by Handel for secular theater and first performed during Passion season. Although Messiah deals with the New Testament story of Christ's life, a majority of the texts used to tell the story were selected from the Old Testament and the prophetic books of Isaiah, Haggai, and Malachi.
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