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Kabugo Visit a Sunday Highlight Posted 4.24.2012

Last Sunday morning, Patrick and Agnes Kabugo visited our Sunday worship celebration and brought a sense of purpose and vision to the work we are doing in Bombo, Uganda, and the entire Luwero Valley.  What a refreshing couple filled with the Spirit and the Word.  Pray for them as they travel back and readjust to life with back home.  May God grow their church and increase their ministry in an area of Uganda dominated by witchcraft.  We showed the medical clinic video crafted by Roy Medawar last year as a report of the 2011 clinic.  If you'd like to see it (again) here is a link.  It is a moving account of what God is doing in Bombo, by the people of Bombo. Pray now for the 2012 clinic -- and the possible surgi-center we could build which would change life for many....even when we are not there during the clinic.

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