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Meeting Health Needs in the South Bay -- November 8 Posted 10.10.2014
Peninsula is hosting a Mobile Medical Mission on SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 8.  We are doing this as part of our ministry with the South Bay-based TOUCH Coalition (TOUCH) and Medical Mission Adventures (MMA).  It is targeted for individuals and families that have no insurance or are under insured.  It is opened on a first come first serve basis. 
We are hoping we will have assistance and participation from across our church family as we will need, in addition to medical professionals, lay people to help in the facility prep, set-up and tear down of the clinic, people to assist in welcoming and registration, runners to take patients to the different services (medical, physical therapy, dental, optical, pharmacy, etc.), food preparation (light lunch/snacks) and service for the clinic volunteers and patients, people to share and listen to patients as they wait for services, people to minister/play with the children, translators in Spanish, photographers/video techs and other areas.  Please pray how you can serve and/or encourage someone in the church to join in this ministry opportunity. 
We are also asking for our people to pray for who God is going to bring.  Pastor Dan Parkins challenged us in September to address the sick and the poor in our ministry as a church.  Our youth are studying about social injustice.  There are about 250,000 in the South Bay who do not have insurance and another 250,000 who are under insured.  While many who live on the Peninsula have health care coverage, many of the workers in the homes of folks who live here and in the businesses here do not have insurance or have limited access to it.  How can we reach them?  Maybe God will put on your hearts some creative ways to invite the sick and poor or even bring people who need medical care to the clinic, ala the friends of the man who was lowered through a roof to get to Jesus.  Now please do not feel it is necessary to go through PCC's roof but you get the idea.
We will have between 500-1,000 people coming to the Harvest Festival on Friday evening October 31.  Some of those folks do not have insurance or limited access and we plan to have a booth there to invite those who have such a need to come the following weekend to the clinic. 

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