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New Sunday Class Begins October 14! Posted 10.11.2012


As a follow up to the recent (and highly successful) parenting seminar, Keith Garrett will be launching a new class for all parents on Sunday, October 14.  It will be held at 9 am.  He'll team up with Pastor Bruce for a few weeks, and use the Paul  and Ted Tripp series, "The Case for Kids."

Beginning with what a family is and concluding with ways to help our children see God's glory, brothers Tedd and Paul Tripp deal biblically and practically with the command to train children in the way they should go. They address the issues of the heart that motivate children from infancy to adulthood. They talk about a biblical understanding of authority. They explain the principle of sowing and reaping - actions and consequences. And they emphasize the necessity of reconciliation with God through Jesus Christ.


This is going to be a fabulous and challenging six-week course.  Don't miss a week!  The class will meet in one of the brand new classrooms downstairs off the parking lot -- the remodeled "Conference Room."


Here's the outline:

A. Foundation

What is a Family?

You can be part of what God is doing in your child.

Getting to the heart of behavior
From behavior to the heart


B. Ages 0-5

Teaching toddlers to be under authority

Withhold not correction


C. Ages 6-12

A fresh look at consequences

Deeper dimensions of reaping


D. Ages 13-18

Parents meet your teens 

Setting Godly Goals


E. Conclusion

It’s not just your teen who is struggling

Helping kids see God’s Glory

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