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Peninsula's 50th Anniversary Celebration Posted 6.18.2014

Remember. Rejoice. Rededicate.


Please save the dates so that you can join us to celebrate the work of a faithful God among us.


Remember – Saturday, September 27, 5 pm
Bring the family as we enjoy a strolling buffet through the history of Peninsula. Remember significant relationships and places on campus where God worked in lives. Wayne & Jackie Frase and Jim & Elaine Hay will be here to celebrate with us. On Sunday morning Doug Stolhand will bring the message as we “remember.”


It is hard to forget a place that gave you so much to remember.


Rejoice – Sunday, November 23, 9:00/10:30 am
It is time to party! It is time to gather with one voice to worship God – and rejoice in what He is doing among us. He has been faithful for 50 years, so let us worship Him.


Good times + a great God = unforgettable rejoicing.


Rededicate – Sunday, November 23, 5 pm
The anniversary celebrations will conclude with an evening to look ahead and renew our commitment that together we will serve the Lord for another 50 years. Enjoy family projects which will draw us all into this work of God in the South Bay.


What takes us back to the past are the memories. What brings us forward is our dreams.


With a bold and broad stroke we desire to use this year of our Golden Anniversary to remember, rejoice, and rededicate all we do for the glory of God. Please look over the dates and plan now to attend whatever you can. Invitations will be sent in July for the “Remember” weekend. If you would like more information (we’d prefer to do as much as possible electronically), please send your email address to


“Let us hold tightly without wavering to the hope we affirm, for God can be trusted to keep his promise.”  Hebrews 10:23

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Lorrie schilb Brazil. wrote...
6/18/14 10:26pm
We will try to be there at sometime during the weekend.
John and Janice Cook wrote...
6/19/14 4:40am
Please keep us informed of the program Thanks Janice


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