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Pray for Our Students As They Prepare for Summer Camp This Week! Posted 8.13.2014

A staging area in gardening is a place where you, after removing the seedlings from the protection of a sun room, allow them to grow a bit more in a confined area that is generally protected from the wind. This is usually done before planting them in the ground. As we begin this year’s summer camp, we as a staff have this in mind with our students. Why? Because, starting in the fall, we have some amazing things planned for the students that we’ve never done here at PCC; this summer camp is setting the tone for the entire fall semester and we asked that you would pray earnestly for the Spirit of God to move in the hearts of the students. It is our staging area; our confined space where students can really be strengthened for the tasks ahead. Here is a list of things to pray for as we embark on this journey to Pine Valley Bible Camp in eastern San Diego.

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