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Pray for TEAM BOMBO 2013 Posted 7.16.2013

It will not be long now until a group of 19 land in Kampala and begin our sixth medical clinic in Bombo -- a town about 15 miles north of Kampala, the capitol of Uganda.  The Lord has assembled a highly qualified team in 2013 (what does He know?).  One goal is always to raise the level of medical care in the Bombo community.  We hope to be able to do that this year.  The surgi-center will be up and running.  We are bringing 6 doctors, one medical student, 2 nurses -- and the rest with a big heart to serve.  If you'd like to know who's on this year's team -- click here.  And don't forget to pray for Team Bombo 2013 -- we do this only together!



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