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Prime Timers Trip to the South Coast Botanic Garden Posted 5.16.2013


The Prime Timer group will spend a delightful afternoon at the South Coast Botanic Garden on Thursday, June 6. We'll meet at the garden at noon. Everyone is encouraged to bring a picnic lunch, and we'll do lunch together on the grounds. Pastor Ken will bring bottled water. If you want something else to drink, bring it with your picnic lunch.
After lunch, we'll board a garden tram with a botanist who will give us a guided tour of the garden.  There will be stops along the way where those who want to can get off the tram and take a walk through a section of the garden. The cost for the event is $6 per person unless you choose to become a South Coast Botanic Garden member for an annual cost of $40. Many say this is the best value.  If you are already a member, there will be no cost for the event.
So come join us for an afternoon of outdoor beauty and enjoyment! For more information, contact Pastor Ken or call the church office.

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