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Quest 2012 begins! Posted 7.06.2012

So we had an absolutely wonderful time yesterday at our first week of Quest 2012 L.I.F.E.  We now have over 70 children which is an increase over last year and about as many as we can handle for this program.  Everyone had a blast thinking about “what bugs us” and what do we do when we get bugged.  Sometime we can act rather prickly when we are bugged and that is bad for everyone.  Most importantly our relationship with God is affected as we wander away like sheep intent on handling the situation our way rather than God’s way.  But we learned that being bugged, though sometimes bad in and of itself, acts as our red flag warning us that danger lies ahead.  We ought to stop and consider what we are about to say or do!


Well, besides all that Debi Klingsporn told us about our mission project, Samaritan’s Purse’s Turn On The Tap.  We also experienced fun activities with Hannah Nachef and fun games with David Makinto. 


Finally, I’m especially excited about our parent class where we are partnering together with Quest parents to help them implement the Quest material in their parenting.  They were all super excited by the end of the class and are all looking forward to next week.  Yahoo!  Continue to pray for us each week as to seek to honor God in this ministry.   ~Bruce


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