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Quest Begins with a Bang! Posted 7.08.2013

What a great first week of Quest!  We blasted off into outer space determined to stand for truth and righteousness!  Last week we learned about setting no vile thing before our eyes (Ps 101:3, our memory verse).  We discovered that what might be vile to you and me may not be vile to God and what might be vile to God may not seem attractive to you and me.  If we are to stand for truth and righteousness we must allow God to be the judge of what is vile.


The kids also had a good time with our special feature guest Devin O’Dowd who talked about some of the things in space and the forces that impact us.  Very cool! 


Finally, our parenting class meet for our first session.  We covered a lot but I think it was profitable.  Hope to see everyone back this week as we talk further about helping our children grow in their relationship with God.

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