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Ready to drill! Posted 1.15.2012

We are here in Saba, Honduras.  We just finished up dinner here at our hotel in Saba.  We attended church this morning.  We are getting a little restless waiting to get to the site so we are all very excited.  Honduras is beautiful, very green and warm.  We learned a lot of terms and overview tonight of what the process of using the rig to operate the drill under the supervision of the living water staff, who are all Hondurans, but it's tough to envision the process exactly.  I'll be posting a few pictures in a little while.  The LWI team has take very good care of us and everything has run smoothly so far.  Pray for us to connect with the people in a warm and inviting way tomorrow.  Everyone is healthy and we are getting along great as a team.  More to come tomorrow! 

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