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Ready to Join Team Bombo 2015? Posted 1.30.2015

It is time to prayerfully consider joining Team Bombo 2015.  You don't have to have any medical expertise (though if you do, you are quite valuable!).  We need people with and without medical skills -- and we usually take more people WITHOUT a medical background than those WITH a medical background.  There is much to do and the opportunities to serve never stop presenting themselves.  Check out what PCC has been doing in Africa, and sincerely ask if you should go this year.  The clinic is Aug 23-28, and there is an optional safari after the clinic.


Here is a link full of pictures and journals from previous missions.


Here is a link with all of the details -- applications, information sheet, costs, all that stuff.


Pray about if you should join us in Africa.  Applications are due March 15.

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