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Serve it up update part 2 Posted 7.30.2011

Another quite long but very full day.  We started out by heading to Hope Again, a ministry in Hollywood which our church supports.  They focus more on rehabilitation of people - helping them move out of dependence to becoming a healthy, contributing member of society.  This rises and falls on Jesus being the center and the Gospel influencing all they do.  We spent the morning in a worship time with the residents of the program.  It was truly a special experience to sing alongside people who had, on the surface, very little in common with us.  Yet we worship the same Lord, and as we sang together you could feel the mutual encouragement of being together for worship.  We were also blessed to hear their testimonies of God's hand at work in their lives.


We followed up by hearing from director Ross Lokken a great overview of Hope Again.  A couple ideas: they would love for any adults from PCC to come down once a week for informal mentorship with residents of the program.  Simply sitting with someone and allowing them to share their struggles and receive encouragement from.  Sound like something you would be interested in?


After showers and dinner we headed down to Beacon Light Rescue Mission to help serve the evening meal.  One of the most exciting things happening there is the new building, Doors of Hope, which will open on September 17.  It's going to be a shelter just for women.  Prior to this the mission only was able to house men.  Now they will be able to provide a place for women not only to find shelter but to get computer program training and more to help them to move toward being able to support themselves.  Did you know our church leads the evening service once a month on the first Monday of the month?  Another great opportunity to be involved in serving the least of these.


Tomorrow we will discuss our individual and group response to the overwhelming needs right here in Los Angeles, in the name of Jesus.  How will you serve the least of these as God's Word commands us to?  We all will have a different response, but all called to do something.  What will you do? 

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