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Students Friday Beach Nights start June 14 Posted 6.05.2013


What are some of the joys of summer that are conjured in our minds every time we contemplate that blissful state? Sun, beach, no school, freedom, crusted swimsuits and skin from the arid salty ocean? Perhaps its hours locked in a dark room playing video games with others, or walks along an open aired mall shopping to your hearts content? Truly, within the mix of summer memories are those where we traverse either familiar lands or unfamiliar with family and friends on things called “vacations.” 


Regardless of whatever particular summer curriculum, we at PCC hope that junior high and high school students will come and join us on Friday nights at Torrance beach where memories will be formed, friendships solidified, and encouragement in endeavors to pursue Christ together will be established.  We are embarking on a long summer for 2013, and it is my first summer with the students. 


I cannot even begin to describe the excitement of seeing the students all on Wednesday nights at Praxis/Refuge, Sunday mornings, and now Friday nights.  We will also be having a host of events each month, along with the ridiculously awesome Summer Camp on Catalina Island August 9-11. We have book studies, movies nights, church BBQs, and spontaneous video scavenger hunts. But all of these hinge on the ability to come together as a community of believers who desire above all else the glory of God, and secondly, will fight for each other for the glory of God. Let this summer be marked by our great love for God, and our great love for each other; and let all whom we invite be encouraged as we love them and love God as well.    


Students are invited to join us every Friday night starting June 14 at 4pm, down at Torrance beach, at the southernmost volleyball court. Bring swim suits, whatever beach sports they love to play, and some food to tide them over till the sun goes down (and parents pick them up!). All of our leaders will be leaving when the sun goes down, so parents need to make sure to pick up students before! I’ll see you at the beach on Friday nights!


Pastor Daniel Parkins

Associate Pastor of Student Ministries

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