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Tell Us Your Story Posted 4.01.2014

We are just wrapping up "What On Earth Am I Here For?" It has been a quick 42 Days since we launched with the question, what on earth am I here for? God has been at work, as we memorized some simple verses, gathered in small groups across the South Bay, listen to six focused messages on our calling from God, and spent time reading a book together. How did it go for you? What have you learned? How have you grown or been challenged?


Are you willing to share your story of these last six weeks with the church family? I hope so. Use the comment section below to tell us your story. I will use some excerpts in the coming weeks to celebrate the spiritual growth we have experienced. Thanks for sharing – it will bless God and this church family.


Now, let's keep growing people to impact their world and beyond. Passion week is ahead – are we ready to share the Good News? I am.


Pastor Jim

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