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The Clinic Changes Bombo! Posted 8.10.2011

 Another fantastic day at the clinic.  I think by this point, the routine is in place and folks are really enjoying the day and the new experiences each hour brings.  We are overwhelmed with patients and needs – but God is doing some great things, most of which we don’t have any idea what He’s doing.


Don and Elaine Herr were with us again today – leaving in the afternoon for a much deserved break before heading home tomorrow.  They have spent some time talking with Alex and Millie – and the folks at Bombo Pentecostal Church – and the clinic’s reputation, and the reputation of BPC is growing like wildfire.  The amazing angle is that they are ministering to Muslims at a time in history which that is virtually impossible to do.  But they are welcome and treated equally here at the clinic.  One Muslim man donated the first funds to build a church nearer his home – because he has seen the impact of love through the clinic.

There is another church founded by last year’s “goiter ladies” who experienced the grace and love of Jesus through everyone at the clinic in 2010 – and now want a church closer to their home.  And today, there now is one in their “suburb” of Bombo.  So it isn’t always about the medical care (or the quality of the medical care, which is very important, of course, but it is about the compassion we demonstrate and the love of Jesus which overflows through the American and Ugandan teams working together.  And there is much work – on both sides.  It is an interdependent week of ministry.

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