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This is it . . . or is it? Posted 6.27.2012
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We've had a great week of camp so far!   There's so much rolled into camp, it's tough to give you an accurate description.  You'll be able to view a few pics from camp later on, but what is most important is the space and time students have to process the messages and quiet times they've had.  We've had students ask great questions and be challenged about our core identity.  We were designed for a relationship with the Father, and that means in the church we treat each other as family.  Living together for a week brings up all sorts of practical applications.


One potential challenge coming up is that this is the last year of "program" camp for us at Ojai - meaning where Forest Home will provide the progamming.  Yet already many of the lead youth workers and pastors are talking about running our own "program" for the week and using the facility at Forest Home.  Different, yet neat to see how God is at work bringing together diverse parts of His body to accomplish great things in the life of students.  What a picture of God's Kingdom being lived out and expanded in our midst.


So, continue to pray for students to make decisions to follow Jesus more fully as Lord in their lives as well as ask themselves what it means to be a servant of Him to the world around them.  Oh, and just for fun a peek at some of the small things that bring us joy throughout the day, watch this video. 

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Timothy Nachef wrote...
7/02/12 1:09pm
Most embarrassing moment of my life! Jeff, you will pay!


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