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Tickets Available Sunday For the Last Time! Posted 9.11.2014

On Sunday, September 14, tickets will be on sale on the patio for the REMEMBER event on Saturday, September 27.  This will be the last day that tickets will be available -- so don't miss out.  We have a wonderful evening planned with all three senior pastors present together.  We'll stroll through the history of Peninsula as we share dinner together.  Learn the history.  Meet the folks who made Peninsula what it is today.  You will have a wondeful evening of worship and fellowship -- and celebration together.  The Anniversary Choir will sing.  Paul Duncan will lead in some worship.  Roy Medawar has prepared a powerful video-- "The Impact of Peninsula."  Get your tickets this weekend for one amazing -- once-in-a-lifetime event here at the church.  5 pm.  Saturday, September 27.  Remember.

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