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VBS 2012 Sky Posted 6.21.2012
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 We are having so much fun this week at Sky VBS.  250 kids and 70 volunteers make for high energy, God praisin', sky high super good time!  Today we shared with the kids that our sin separates us from God and there is no amount of wishing, good works, or kindness that can bring us and God together.  Only Jesus, his substitutionary death on the cross, and his victory over death can bring sinful people and God together in a way that can never be broken.  


Our volunteers are doing such a wonderful job ministering to all the children.  Many of them are from other churches but are here helping us out as we would be unable to reach out to the 250 kids we have.  I hope you take the opportunity to pray for them as well as all the kids that God would become more real in their lives and that they would see that trusting God is our only hope.  No matter what people do, no matter who you are, no matter what happens we can trust God.

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