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Waxe Translation Update Posted 12.11.2015

Here is the latest from Greg Melendes:  When you receive good news, well, you gotta share it.


Hard to believe it’s been almost eight months since the dedication of the Waxe NT, and harder to believe that all of our efforts to contact the elders in the bush since have ended in ‘can you hear me now’ calls. Apparently the cellular tower erected earlier this year has been out of order all these months and, well, who knows when it will be operative again.


This next part is going to perhaps sound silly to you, but it’s been eight long months of holding my breath at this end of the phone. You see, as amazing as the dedication was, the real test of the translation is not measured on the day it’s presented, but over the days that follow. How is it accepted once it’s opened up? We know it’s not an easy language to read, so how are they handling those long verbs? Are they understanding what the team has painstakingly produced, what God wants them to understand? It was easy to be excited on April 15, but how are they still excited today? As a translator, you know that not all translations are accepted...and that is a sad reality, even sadder if yours lands in that category. So lacking in faith was I that I couldn’t even share my fears with Laura over these past months.


Tonight I was finally able to connect with Alex, a key elder in Meska, and Adrian, a key elder in Wenim, while they were in ‘town’...and asked them both how they thought the people were responding to the Word in their own language now that the party is long over. There’s probably no one real word in Waxe for their response, but we do have one in English...effusive! Not only in words, but in tone. We sent in 400 copies, and those are almost gone so they guys will be taking in more when they return to their villages on Monday. According to them, people are still rejoicing, still excited because now they can truly understand the root of the talk in their own language instead of trying to understand the trade language translation. The women are reading well, kids are getting copies. After the first of the year both churches will begin another phase of foundational evangelistic teaching, for the first time using their own New Testament. Believe me, there is no pride in what I write, only indescribable joy, and relief.


All this is an incredible testimony of what only God can do in a life and in the lives of a community. As we’ve said before, nobody could script this much less make it become a reality. And yet again we will humbly thank Him for using His children, you, us, to spread His glory among the nations...among the Waxe. 

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