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We're going to sleep well tonight Posted 1.16.2012

We had quite the day today!  After breakfast and devotions we headed out our well site, which was only a quick ten minute ride from the hotel.  The village we are working in is called Santa Ana, more of a small neighborhood with a one room schoolhouse and about 30 simple homes.  We began with getting the well equipment all set up and in place while the hygiene team went around and spread the word about the training time.  Some of the men from the neighborhood were out to help with the well project, too.


We learned pretty quickly that there are quite a few steps to the process of drilling a well, but the LWI team does a great job of not giving us too much to worry about at a time and breaking up the division of jobs so it is easy enough to jump in and feel like you know what you are doing.  We all got to take turns rotating different jobs today: we operated the up/down operations of the drill, assistant driller that prepped the five foot sections of pipe to be attached to the previous section, the sampler who collected samples of the cuttings that were coming up from the drill, and mud making which helps in the process of keeping the water flowing (see the video for a brief look at a calm time of well work).


The hygiene team during this time in the morning held their first training time with the kids of Santa Ana - quite the turnout.  Rachel and Hannah (or Raquel and 'Anna) quickly became favorites with the kids.  They worked with our LWI hygiene trainer Deborah in helping the kids understand how germs work (using glitter) and the importance of using soap to wash your hands.  They also hosted a session following with the women of village.  Following that, the kids kept coming back to play and be with us throughout the rest of the afternoon.  Swarms of children would nearly envelop the girls during the afternoon.


Back on the rig, we quickly hit a shallow aquifer which slowed us down some but then were able to finally punch through and kept digging down through more gravel and clay layers until we ended the day at a grand total of 75 feet down into the Honduran soil.  Our boss, Abraham, says that it is good depth and the water will be pure there.


Tonight we learned about all the steps tomorrow that we'll need to perform for the well to be built and seems like quite a bit to get done but we're looking forward to it.  Had a good conversation with our LWI rep Kim about the value of having a team from a church come and build and not just sending money to build a well, but that's beyond this update.  There's obviously a lot from the day that I'm not able to capture in this update but hopefully that gives you a flavor for how the day went.  Looking forward to tomorrow and seeing what God has in store for us.



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