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What is Project 1012? Posted 2.21.2013


Many of you have asked us, “What is Project 1012?”  Very simply, it is a ministry that is beginning in the life of PCC to “equip parents to be the chief disciple-makers in their families for the glory of God.”  As pastors overseeing children and youth ministries, we know how vital this age is in communicating the Gospel, how quickly 18 years can fly by, and how difficult parenting can be.  There are hundreds and thousands of resources out there giving strategies for parenting.  Perhaps you have a list of books that you want to read when you can “find the time”.  There are parents who may not have given discipleship much thought.  Other parents who know it’s a good idea but are just not sure where to start.  And even others who work hard at discipleship and yet still fall short, still have regrets, still hope for second chances.  How do you deal with that?  Discouraged?  Trying not to think about it?  Feeling guilty?  Just trying to survive the day?  With Project 1012 we want you to know you are not alone.  Without piling on guilt and shame, Project 1012 will equip you and encourage you in this life of discipleship. 


We believe there are a lot of good resources out there, but they are not great.  What is great is a community of believers humbly coming together for mutual strength and encouragement for the purpose of walking with integrity in our homes for the glory of God.  No book, program, or workshop alone will properly prepare us for the task of parenting—it must be done, as all things in life, in the company of other believers living in community, caring for each other, and bearing one another’s burdens.


Below are the priorities of Project 1012.  But these are not just abstract ideals.  Pastors Dan and Bruce have personally committed themselves and their families to these priorities.  THAT DOESN”T MEAN THEY DO THEM PERFECTLY!  That’s why it is so important that we work together in community!  You can even think of them as resolutions you can make personally and as a family.


1.     To foster a deeper love for and closer walk with God personally

2.     To intentionally live out the Gospel in my home

3.     To foster an environment where the Holy Spirit is pleased to work

4.     To rest in God’s work of regeneration in the hearts of my children

5.     To cooperate with God’s sanctifying process first in my heart, then in the heart of my family


Family BBQ, March 3, 5-7pm.

To discuss this ministry as well as to create an environment of fun and learning for our families, we will be hosting a Family BBQ on March 3 at 5-7pm.  All family members are encouraged to come and there is no cost to you.  We will be meeting in the Pit for a delicious dinner, playing family friendly games, spending time encouraging one another and elaborating further on Project 1012.  If you have young ones who are not quite walking (they will need to walk to participate in the family activities) then we will have child care available.  Please let us know if you plan to use child care so we can have the right number of workers!


“Project 1012” comes from Psalm 101:2, “I will walk with integrity of heart within my house.”  Verse 3 continues, “I will not set before my eyes anything that is worthless.”  Instead, let us focus on the number one ministry of our lives, that of our families, and seek to know integrity of heart in matters of our homes. 


Please let us know how many in your family are coming to the BBQ so we can have plenty of food!  You can email your RSVP to the church office.



Pastor Bruce and Pastor Dan

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