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Winter Retreat for High School Students Posted 12.26.2012

What choice will you make?  Will you go on our Winter Retreat for the High School ministry on February 22-24th?  Life is made up of decisions; of choices that we make that inevitably affect the trajectory of our lives.  Some are simple and somewhat unimportant, and some are complex and extremely important.  Many are made almost unconsciously, whereas others we think about carefully for a long time.  Some decisions are made by default.  Sometimes, when we put of deciding, hiding our heads in the sand like the proverbial ostrich, the decision is made for us.  But even this behavior is still our decision, because we decide to put it off when it is pressing.  The course and the quality of our lives are determined much more by our decisions than by our circumstances.


As high school students, we tend to play the victim.  We have busy schedules, we are at the mercy of what our parents decide for us, of what our friends plan, or a hundred other things.  But we are not victims; we are sons and daughters of the King of kings and Lord of lords.  And when we live for His glory, we know that the way we live involves making the right decisions based upon the unfailing character of Christ.  Just a simple glance at any one person, and we can note the maturity of them by the decisions he or she makes.  Holiness is making the right decisions based upon faith.  Carnality is based upon making decisions centered on our own glory or pleasure.  The quality of our lives rises and falls in maturity and holiness on the basis of the decisions we make towards the cross of Christ. 


When Satan tempts us, when our flesh cries out, we decide to either say yes or no.  When we have an opportunity to live for the glory of God, to witness to others, we either take advantage of this chance or not.  We decide whether or not to take time to read the Bible, to pray, to love, or a hundred other things.  It is not a matter of having enough time, but of taking time.  And taking time requires a decision. 


On February 22-24th, the High School ministry will be going up to Mammoth for it’s Winter Retreat.  The theme of the weekend will be all that I have just been talking about, “Choices.”  Virtually everything we do involves making a choice.  We will have a chance to snowboard, to worship, to sled in a winter wonderland, and to get to know and deepen relationships that can last throughout the course of our lives.   


Here is a choice before you:  will you decide to go on this retreat, or will you stay behind and miss this incredible opportunity to worship God, glory in His great name, bond with students, be encouraged and challenged to live, and build into your faith?  There’s only one Winter Retreat; your lives here will be waiting for you when you return.  But when you face school the next Monday, will you know the impact of your choices for the glory of Christ, or will you remain here, unchanged?


Contact:  Daniel Parkins for more information

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