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A Birthday Decision Posted 3.28.2014

Our baby turns 21 on Wednesday.  I really can’t believe it.   I can believe I’m that old, I just can’t figure out where all those years went.  Twenty-one years ago we lived at least 45 minutes away from our hospital, so the doctor scheduled “us” to be induced.  Labor comes quickly in the Welch home.  So we had a choice – Thursday or Friday?  But think about it…we could choose between April 1 or April 2?  We opted for Friday, April 2, to eliminate the April Fool’s Day association for all of Danny’s life. 


It was not that difficult of a decision for us – we didn’t want him tied to that pseudo-holiday for his whole life.  But, in reality, it didn’t matter all that much.  We didn’t think about it too long.  Don’t think we even prayed about it.  We just made a decision.


Sometimes we make choices on the spur of the moment which have fairly long term consequences.  That was one of them – although it really didn’t matter which of the two days he came, just so he came.  But there are decisions we stew over for days and weeks, because they are difficult and complicated.  We want God’s blessing – or if we were honest, we want to blame Him for the decision.  Let’s take the responsibility out of our hands and put it into God’s.


The problem is that I cannot find any plea or instruction in the Bible to find a bulls eye in the middle of some “will of God target” in our lives. That’s a myth, if I can be honest.


You see, God is much more interested in whether or not I’m developing the fruit of godliness in my life than in where I park or eat or (can I say it) even where I work.  There.  I said it.  I have great freedom to make decisions, for employment and marriage and housing.  Should those decisions be bathed in prayer and be taken seriously?  Of course.  But God has given us freedom to make decisions.


Just think of the resources we have – the indwelling Spirit, the inerrant Word of God, a church family to consult, and close friends from whom we seek wisdom.  God is more interested in teaching us to walk wisely than to discover a hidden dot on a mystical target.  God is more interested in WHO we are than WHERE we are. 


We should spend much less time in discerning God’s will than we do in seeking how to do His clearly revealed will.  What does the prophet Micah say?  “He has showed you, O man, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you?  To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God” (6:8).  That’s pretty clear statement of God’s will for our lives.


So use our time to figure out how to act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with God – and then the decisions we face in life will reflect the glory of God.  Be free.  Enjoy God and life.  Obedience brings His smile.

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