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A Contained Lesson Posted 4.22.2016

This whole process of acquiring and filling and packing a 40’ container to send to Bombo has been an adventure.  An exhausting adventure.  We learned how to create a Proforma Invoice.  Then we had to create an inventory by category and then an actual packing list.  And the final weight (16,446 lbs) and box count (455). The shipping company took care of many details – getting the container fumigated, providing a donation receipt, contacting the Ugandan authorities to make sure that everything in the container was legally allowed into the country.  No donated refrigerator or computers, by the way.


So, yes, this was out of our comfort zone.  But as we gathered for prayer on Monday night, it was all worth it.  The potential in that container was amazing to consider.  It as time to get my eyes off the paperwork and details that I might get a glimpse of what God could do with this “stuff.”


I could only think to thank you to those who donated money that provided upgraded medical equipment and supplies for our fledgling medical center in Bombo.  And thanks to those who brought (and/or made) clothes and books and bikes and beds and more books and more clothes.  You opened your heart and we just about filled a container.


Thank you to those who spent hours packing all those gifts.  And thanks to those willing to come back and finish those the last minute donations – it all was a blessing beyond belief.


And then for those on Monday who carted all the boxes and supplies out of the church and onto the parking lot – wow, what a task.  And the loaders who spent the day in an enclosed (and very hot) space and were able with great patience to make everything fit into the container – you are my heroes.  And for you who brought goodies to keep us going throughout the day – wow, thanks.  You did more than you can imagine.


All of that to say that it took a whole church effort to get this container on its way to Uganda.  And in a lot of ways, it was a task suited for a church.  A church just like ours.  A place that values servanthood and has a heart to see the world come to know Jesus.


On Monday evening, we sent the container off by giving it to God.  It may sink in the sea (have you read Jonah this week?).  It may get ransacked at a border crossing.  But all of that is out of our control, so Monday we gave it to God.  And we gave ourselves to Him once again as well.  The potential for the spiritual growth of the church and the physical health of the community of Bombo is huge.  God can change the future of the education of the children and the spiritual life of the church and the medical care of the clinic through these gifts.  But they are God’s now.  What He does with them is His business.  What He does with us is His business.


And that’s a great lesson to learn about all our possessions in life, isn’t it?


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