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A Fresh Perspective on Mother's Day Posted 5.09.2013

Mother’s Day has been called the Great Day of Guilt and Discontent.  I came across this blog, and I thought it provided some biblical perspective (and honesty) to this day.  It was written by Elyse Fitzpatrick, an author I respect for her love and commitment to the Word.  Here is an edited version of her perspective….


Men don’t know what to do with Mother’s Day. It terrifies him.


He hopes that the gifts he’s chosen will please his wife and mother. He doesn’t want to be known as an ungrateful person who failed to properly honor the woman who gave him life or birthed his children.


Women don’t know what to do with it either.


Her Mother’s Day angst sounds like this:  I wish I were a mother. I wish I were a better mother. I wish I loved my mother. I wish my mother loved me. I wish my mom were still alive. I wish I hadn’t aborted that child. I wish I could have children. I wish I knew who my mother was. I wish I hadn’t given my baby away. I wish my children loved me. I wish they would write. I wish they were still alive.


We live in a sin-cursed world and no matter how much we try to honor someone we love, it always seems to come out wrong. We can give the sweetest presents with the best intentions but still . . . it just never turns out like we hoped it would.


Don’t misunderstand me. I’m not the sort of woman who would seek to ban a day when I have the power to make my husband and sons cook for me. (I’m not that stupid!) But I would like to bring some gospel-sanity into it.


Here’s what’s wrong with Mother’s Day (and every other celebration of our own goodness):  Any time you seek satisfaction, honor, and glory in yourself you’re going to be dissatisfied — that applies to both women and men. Any time you look for someone to give you something that will make you feel like you’ve done a good job, or are finally a person of worth, you’re going to be disappointed. Men will be disappointed because their wives or moms don’t appreciate how much they tried to appreciate them. Women will be disappointed because no matter how hard our husband and children seek to lavish us with praise, flowers, and gifts, there is always someone you know who was given much more than you.


We’re living under the law of Mother’s Day:  If you’re good, you’ll get goodies. It is the one day when mom is forced to look at either her shortcomings (resulting in guilt) or the shortcomings of others who fail to appreciate her (resulting in discontent).


True happiness is found only in the work of Jesus. Whatever happens today remember that you are loved. You are forgiven.  You are righteous.  Not because of anything you do, but only because of what Jesus has already done. Go ahead and receive praise and gifts with a smile, but remember these paltry bobbles aren’t anything in comparison to one drop of that precious blood.

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