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A Little Surprising Posted 2.06.2015

It was a night for prayer.  Just prayer.  However God led.  We are hosting several of these “in home” prayer gatherings in February.  It sounded like a good idea when there were lots of open nights in the month.  Leadership must lead, you know.  But as the first evening approached, it would have been a lot easier to just do nothing for the evening.  I like doing nothing.  As with everyone, days can be long and often by the evening there is a not a crying need for social interaction.


Christie straightened up the house – no snacks, though, they were forbidden from on high, I rested.  By the appointed hour of prayer the doorbell rang.  Ok, here we go. 


I was a bit apprehensive because I really wasn’t sure if this was going to work or not.  I am very well aware that it is one thing to cheerlead something from the platform, but something else to hear the doorbell ring and welcome a guest or two into the house for prayer.  Just prayer.


So, the doorbell rings and a face appears that certainly wasn’t on our list of signups.  There weren’t supposed to be many coming over on this Wednesday night, but that was in God’s hands.  As it turned out, there would only be one couple who showed up to pray with us.  We did (against strictest orders from on high) spend a little time catching up and sharing life.  Not too long, I assure you.


When we got to prayer there is really just one word to describe that time.  Refreshing.  We prayed conversationally and let the Spirit lead us from request to request to request.  I had wondered (as did you, I’m sure) if we could keep this up for a full hour.  Even though the dog did her best to distract us, by the time I closed in prayer it had been an hour. 


The fastest hour of the day.


The most refreshing hour of the day.


From what I hear, the prayer gatherings so far haven’t been large, but stories are told of God at work.   Maybe a family prays together for the first time in a while.  Or one or two couples show up, but enjoy rich fellowship just sharing the heart of God.  But each report is overwhelmingly positive.  As is mine.


We are now just one week into this four-week adventure.  But all I know is that our first gathering this month was the best night of the week.  Without a doubt.  Sometimes we try something new and it bombs.  Not this time.  I think it is the spontaneous nature of this experiment in prayer that is its genius. Maybe once in a while a dinner out with friends should be replaced with an evening of prayer in a living room.


As I closed the door that evening there was really just one question lingering.  Why don’t we do this more often?



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