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A Need for Clean Posted 8.09.2013

I am the kind of person who can get used to clutter.  It could be caused by a hint of a lazy streak, because all of a sudden I get overwhelmed by an urge to clean and de-clutter.  I try to rest so it goes away, but sometimes it doesn’t. What activates the cleaning?  I’m not sure, but if you figure it out, I’m sure my wife would love to know! 


This week, however, I might have discovered a bit of a clue.  I remembered an incident two years ago in Uganda as the medical clinic in Bombo was just gearing up for the week.  Kimberly An dropped by my “office” and took a look at me busy doing something or other and asked for my glasses.  She took them and cleaned them like I’d never cleaned them before.  The film on them must have been pretty thick since she could see it from several feet away.  And me?  Nah, why take the time to clean the glasses.  I’m fine.  But you know what?  A whole new world opened up before me when the glasses were returned.  I could see clearly.  I had forgotten the benefit clean glasses are to vision.


And the this week, we began the arduous task of moving back into the office. The furniture arrived at 6:30 am on Tuesday and by Thursday we could start moving computers and telephones.  I’m not sure how long this is all going to take, but it’ll be a while. 

But as the move began, something was very obvious.  It was going to be impossible to just carry the equipment to the newly remodeled space.  Intolerable.  Seven months of construction grime was all over everything, cords and wires and monitors and keyboards.  It was awful.  There was no way even I could bring that filthy equipment into a brand new office.  Everything got a thorough wiping down before it was allowed onto or into a new desk. 


And then it hit me, one of the motivating factors to spur me into a cleaning frenzy is to envision the outcome.  The clean environment of the new office motivated my desire to dust.  The clean glasses at the clinic motivated more frequent cleanings that week.


And so it is in the spiritual life.  As we get our eyes on heaven.  As we gaze for a while at the holiness of Jesus.  As we focus on the purity of our Father…..then, and maybe only then, will we have the desire to de-clutter life and give ourselves a thorough dusting.  When Jesus steps into our lives we see how much the dirt had caked up in our lives.  The light of holiness of God shines brightly into the hidden corners of our lives and encourages us to clean up everything.  And I mean everything.  Wash me Savior or I die.


I’m thankful for the reminder of how subtle dirt is – and how pure the holiness of God.  May I never be content again with contamination of the world.   Next week, I’ll write from Uganda.  Have a great week – and clean up the clutter of your spiritual life!


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