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A Super Bowl Lesson Posted 2.04.2016

Is there a football game this weekend?  Rumor is there’s one on Sunday.


I have learned some things about life from sports, and this year from football.  Fantasy football.  I did join once again a fantasy football league. Hope spring eternal in August, and when I selected my stellar team I thought I had a shot a silencing all my critics.  I was going to win the prize this year.  I had Tony Romo as my quarterback (you know how well that went after he broke his collar bone).  I had a bevy of young talent that should have sent me to the thrill of victory.  It didn’t quite work out that way.  Again.


I didn’t finish last – or even in the bottom half of my league, so that was a relief.  I have silence my critics for another long offseason.  I ended up sixth out of twelve.  A nice blah result.  A tip of my hat to the league champ – Timothy Nachef.  He amazed us all each week as he chalked up one victory after another.  Of course, every victory of mine was deemed “improbable” by some in our league.  Tough team owners, I would say.  But a pastor is not without honor, except in his own home.


So the football season comes to an end today (some say finally).  Seven months of drought begins again.  Today is fun, though – and the snacks are worth the risk of a boring game.  I have no dog in this hunt, but I enjoy football.  And Super Bowl commercials.


I learn something from sports – and there are lots of sports metaphors in the New Testament.  I think the biggest lesson I learn is that just because I put together a fantasy team, I never really had anything to do with scoring a single point. 


I arranged my team all season long, but I never scored a point.  Not myself.  I played the wrong players (often) but I never helped them score.  You see, no one in the crowd ever gains a yard on the field. No one in the stands ever adds a single point to the scoreboard. The game is played and won by the players on the field, and not by anyone else. To help the scoreboard, I have to be in the game.


So as the teams this afternoon and you yell and scream for your team, ask yourself one spiritually critical question:  Am I in the game of the Kingdom or am I just a spectator? Have I just chosen a spiritual fantasy team to root for – or am I going to get into the game myself.  Just believing does not change the world.  To change the world, you have to get into the game.  We need to be on the playing field, not in the stands or on the sidelines. Are you on the field playing the game and gaining ground for Jesus Christ or are you merely watching the game? The clock is ticking away, and time is running out. Get in the game before you lose your chance forever!


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