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A View from the Pew (er...chairs) Part One Posted 6.20.2014

Two weeks ago I shared Thom Rainer’s thoughts about what pastor’s wish their people knew.  It was honest and I hope it was received with the spirit in which it was intended.  With love.  But before he wrote that piece, he shared what he thought the people wanted their pastors to know.  So it is only fair to share that list as well.  It was a little too long for to fit in the space provided for the Back Page, so I have chopped up the list in half.  I could have edited the list, but I thought these were all things you’d really like to say to us pastor.


So, hear these heartfelt words from church members who love their pastors, from men and women who truly desire the best for them.  Of course, you might want to add to this list.  But if you do, wait a week, what you want to add just might appear next Sunday.

  1. “Let me know you really care for me.” That does not mean you call me regularly or that you visit me on demand. It is more of a disposition, or maybe words from the pulpit that demonstrate your love for the members. We can tell if you really care for us and love us.
  2. “Teach me the Bible.” I know you are inundated with requests, and the expectations for your time are often unreasonable. But please do not let those people distract you from your time in the Word. I am hungry for biblical teaching and preaching. Please spend time studying the Word so you can teach us well.
  3. “Help me deal with change.” This world and culture are changing so fast that I find myself dealing with fear and uncertainly. Help me understand the steadfastness of God in a turbulent world. And understand that my fear of change in the church is often related to my fear of change in the world. So lead me gently as you lead change in the church.
  4. “Don’t lead too far ahead.” I do want you to lead us. But don’t get so far ahead of us that we mistake you for the enemy and shoot you in the rear. I know change is necessary, but learn the pace of change that is best for our church.
  5. “Help me deal with family issues.” Some of us are in struggling marriages. Some of us are lonely whether we are single or married. Some of us have problems with our children. Some of us are dealing with aging parents. We hurt deeply when we have hurts about our families. Show us biblical truths about these issues. And show us your pastoral heart and concern for these issues.

We are just scratching the surface of what you might really say to the staff if you were given the opportunity and had the time to think through something more than the superficial issues.  Serving here is one of the greatest joys of life.  I hope you know that, and that we reflect that to you.

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