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A Wonderful Little Romance Posted 8.02.2013

My dad rarely gets unannounced visitors.  He’s 89 and living in a lovely community of folks his age in Fullerton.  A few days ago he told me in our daily phone call that he’d had a visitor.  That was odd, I usually know in advance of such visits.  It was someone named Brian.  We’ve only got one family member by that name, and it wasn’t him.  He assumed I should figure out who the visitor was.  But I was clueless.


As the conversation unfolded, I discovered this Brian had just arrived in SoCal. He’d gotten off an airplane and my dad was his first stop.  Boy, that was really odd.  Come to find out, it was my niece’s boyfriend, Brian, from North Carolina.  Really?  Why was he here?  Alone?  The two have been dating for a while now, and since neither of them are spring chickens, so to speak, we have all been wondering if something a bit more serious would develop.  Cindy is my sister’s youngest child, and none of them are under 30.  Just saying.


Brian was in SoCal for less than 24 hours with only one purpose, to ask my brother-in-law for his daughter’s hand in marriage.  Really?  I wondered if they had no telephones in North Carolina.  Had they hear of Skype?  Coming to California is expensive and time consuming.  And by yourself? 


Apparently, they have heard of all of those things in the Carolinas, but in the South they’ve also heard of proper manners and healthy respect as well.  To ask for permission for Cindy’s hand in marriage was not something that would delegated to the telephone or latest computerized videoconference.  No, not for Brian.

And the icing on the cake was that if he was coming to California, he had to meet grandpa.  He’s the only grandparent left for Cindy, and those two have always been close.  So he showed up at Papa’s door to “meet the grandparent.”  I guess my dad knew this was in the works, but was banned from sharing anything with…!  Really?  Oh well, I’ll get over it.


And later that evening, over dinner with just my sister and her husband, Brian asked for Cindy’s hand in marriage.  The story is that no one is sure what the answer was – because there were too many Kleenexes flying here and there that night.  By 6 the next morning, Brian was back on a plane winging his way to North Carolina.  It was a very successful trip.  Met the grandparent.  Got permission from the dad.  Made himself a hero with the family.  What’s left?  Oh yes, he’d better ask Cindy.  Of course, that hasn’t happened yet – it’s a surprise.  Perhaps that’s why no one told be about the visit.  So let’s keep this just between us, OK?


And, let’s learn of the significance of honoring parents – and holding in high esteem the seriousness of the marriage vow.  It is not something to be entered into lightly, but something that requires sacrifice and determination to be successful.  So, I guess we’ll be heading to North Carolina in 2014.  If Cindy says yes, that is.


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Gordy Fredeen wrote...
8/01/13 10:26pm
A real southern gentleman, a rarity in the course culture we live in where everything is about "me".
Dean Stoppel wrote...
8/03/13 3:03pm
LOVE IT!!!!!! I am Brian's Grand Dad.


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